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2004-02-12 07:36:04 (UTC)

There s a solution for the task..

There's a solution for the task of trying to *name* these

Anyway, just a quick drop by, and a little self-brag, even..
Realized on my way home tonight that I've actually gone the
past 36 hrs without crying! Amazing, even..
Maybe I will get over all this BS, after all.
Have to go to the doctor in the morning for my EMG.. that
is gonna find NOTHING.. I think I'm also gonna make another
ob/gyn appt for him to check this *mass* again, beings its
all in the same building... Maybe... I dunno.. Guess will
depend how miserable they make me during this test thing..
And how packed the gyn's office is.... will suck to have to
explain the *mass* to the receptionist in front of a
Anyway, short night, need sleep...