My Gay Misadventures
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2004-02-12 06:37:36 (UTC)

Pish-Posh, damnit. Pish-posh.

Ok. New month. Go me. Still here. Hmmm, Where to start...So
much i wanted to say, but now i dun forgot. (5mins later)
Goddamnit! Ima just type shit till I remember.

Dunno if i mentioned this or not (and im too lazy to check
my previous log) but Im moving in with Matt into Somerset
(Some lame ass hick town with moo cows) It should prove
interesting. This weekend my dad is supposed to fix it up,
BUT its also Valentines weekend. So hump. (or is it humph?)
{Whatever} I was ganna try to get Matt one of---oh shit, I
forgot he can read this shit now, Best hush me ass up---
Anyway, I dunno. Blah. Oh, Matt Bottomed for me a few times
now. (he cant handle it of course) so its kinna weird.

Oh, Im off manana, but ima do some Hella duty erronds. I
gotz to bum a ride off either Matt or Mum and get my Bus
ID/School ID, then go get my state ID, THEN my Social
security card, THEN return some Applications, a few other
shit too but i cant remember cuz its like 12 fuckin AM.

I tried calling Matt today (Oh look, this is like the 3rd
paragraph hes in, maybe I miss the cronic paranoia) Anyway,
I tried calling him, but i got out of schoo' at 10:30pm and
he was already in Somerset. I wanted him to spend the
night, but he is kinna grumpy at me so its like i have to
suck his dick sooner or later to help him get over it.
(he's ganna kick me for mentioning that)...

OH OH OH! I gotz me happy lil ass some Fan mail! my
goodness this be rare. I usualy get hate mail for being a
lil...um...outspoken...BUT ITS MY FUCKIN DIARY YOU LIL
CHITS! anyway, Word out to my bitches Missa and..Um...Jags
hooka'. -- I should write more. But its Porn time. Damnit.

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