♥Picture Perfect♥
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2004-02-12 06:01:56 (UTC)

Why 'ello, love!

Let's see...
I went over to Tisha's today after school and of course
Billy was there and yada yada this and blah blah
that...When I was leaving, Billy was leaving too and he was
outside with me and Tisha. Tisha was saying "you like
ree, you like ree" and he's all "it doesn't matter" and
I'm all "WHAT?!?!" So, I don't know what that means...I'm
really paranoid and thinking all these horrible things. It
could just be nothing like, "I like Ree, who cares?" Ya
know? I dunno. It's prolly just nothing. I hope. I dunno.
Okay, I'm gonna go to bed now. I'll write more tomorrow if
I get the chance.