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2004-02-12 05:47:19 (UTC)

wow cheering wow

ahhhhhhhhhhhh is all i got to say im so sick of cheering
now.... and u wonder y i wanted to be a soccer star... well
our main flyer was injured so i got to do all the time-out
stunts which i dont mind besides the fact thati have all of
3 or 4 and i suck at my liberty right now since i have
barely done it and i hate the fact of that but however i
didnt fall but on one of the basket-toss's they didnt fully
catch me and i got a fist to the mouth and it instantly
started bleeding which sucked big balls... i was so pissed
and now i have a cut on the inside of my lip... oh and
people dont know the simple fact that in cheering u have to
be tough to do it and u have to learn to live with the fact
that u have to do things u dont want to and u can turn it
down yes but u dont have to be so fucking blunt about it
every single time that piss's me off and it means ur not a
true cheerleader i mean i put everthing out on the line and
opted to make myself look like a fool infront of the
audience by saying i'd switch sides in the dance u actually
think i wanted to do that? no but i did it for the sake of
the team today well whatever im to pissed to write right
now about cheering anyways... but i just wanted to mention
the fact that its great when u get ur way in ur own little
secret mind games that r so scandalous no one understands
them but urself

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