C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-02-12 04:57:22 (UTC)

wearing out

So today sorta sucked... me and keri were sorta fighting
because i sorta maybe like this guy nate... and he likes me
or is stringing me along and keri thinks he is bad news
while i think he is harmless... let me remind you that i am
very headstrong (hate that song)... so i dont bakc down and
then keri gets angry... but she tells me that she just has
a bad feeling about him and always has and that she trusts
her feelings... so i dont know.. later i was thinking about
it and i trust her and i dont trust nate so well see where
that goes.... anyways... deannah my other best friend has
been really distant and evertime i think we are friends
again she just does something... today she said that she
wants to graduate early and shes already looked into it...
this is the first i had heard of it... i mean she is my
best friend and ever since we were little kids we said we
were going to go to collage together and share a dorm and
get a betta fish and coordinate our furniture... and now
she doesnt even want to graduate with me.... i never
thought our friendship would end over soemthign as stupid
as her boyfriend... i think i mayeb deserve this though for
being jealus... i dont know... all i know is I felt like I
was going to cry in 3rd.... and im not one of those crying
people.... i mean... we were best friends... todl each
other everything... did everything together.. and now i se
her once a day if im lucky.... just shows how things

and i dont really have anyone to talk to beause keri dosnt
understand what its like to loose a friend after 11
years.... the end of 11 years for paul?

I'm listening to yahadio and at least it sense s my mood...
its played Brand New... #9 and the early november ever so
sweet and dashboard this bitter pilll... perfect for my

and to think i mayeb could have prevented this by being
more understanding... why am i such an idiot