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2004-02-12 03:51:19 (UTC)

I think i've been working w/ glue too much ;P

mm the past two days have been somewhat fun. yesterday, i
met up w/ em and josh at the mall, and i was gonna ask jake
to met us up there, but noo he was moving! so i invited
kyle. ya we get up there, walk around, do a whole bunch of
nothing. we leave, and head to b dubs, but in the mall
parking lot, i was told that my system sucks by a "friend"
ha, sorry, but something that costs $600 doesn't sucks,
dont hate. AND THEN we head to b dubs. well, we get there
and josh and kyle tell us to get a table, so we do. well
david c. was there w/ some of his buddies and kyle goes to
sit with them, and then josh says "we're sitting with them"
so i assume that they didn't want to sit w/ us so me and em
got up and left. well, em decided she wanted to stay, so we
went back, and thankfully mr. negativity (kyle) had left so
i just sat there, didn't talk, and watched the UK game. so
we left there, and headed to josh's to watch PHIL's concert
on DVD it was really cool! i was like "i was there!" lol
UMM today was fun! in US history me and em made cards! we
almost got caught by mr. turner bc i kept dropping things
and hitting my elbow on the heater thing, making a lot of
noise, lol, and mr. turner was like "kelly you ok back
there" fun times! umm then after school i had to make up
some damn movie for english and em stayed after w/ me, and
she fell asleep it was funny! um, i came home after that,
took a nap bc i was sooo tired! and jake called me and WOKE
ME UP (!!!) LoL, and he picked me up to go to the mall.
after the mall, we met noah at chucky cheese so he could
fill out an application. AND i decided im going to have my
18th birthday party there! that would be a blast! um, then
afterwards, we headed BACK to the mall and met up with
josh. so it was a party! once again, we just walked around,
lol. um, then noah left and me, josh, and jake headed out
to emilys, for a party! haha, it was a lot of fun! but yea,
im like triple tasking right now, talking online w/ like 10
people, talking on the phone with em, and texting bassil!
lol crazyness! i gotta jet thou...