You Can't Go Home Again
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2004-02-12 03:15:16 (UTC)

The city's sun set over me.

Tonight was a trip back to the roots at times. Back to
before when we were so close. I'm not saying we were
farther apart tonight, but part of the time it felt like
she was my friend. She was my friend. We wern't making out,
we were just having a good time. It was nice, laughing at
all the pathetic acts at the middle school talent show.
Fast Food Nation my fat ass. Ha. Then we were close again.
Have you ever watched those cartoons where the hypnotist
puts the people to sleep with those weird swiry things? Her
eyes are like the swirly things. Not litterally, of course.
But she's just so mezmorizing.
It's hard to tell what I want anymore. I just don't
want to ruin it, that's all I want. I just don't want her
to say those words. "We should see other people, really."
Not that i'm anticipating that anytime soon. I don't want
anything to happen that would have that effect.
We should kill someone and bury their body in the snow.
Just cause.

1144 out.

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