2004-02-12 01:42:36 (UTC)

Wednesday, nothing important

Wow, nothing happened today, well not much, rob hit on me
some, hes pretty cute, but not my type lol..He wants to
shag, maybe i will, hes really funny, and but itd
be my first time, sho i dont think so, omg katie finally
admitted to being my best friend! YAY were like inseprable
its awesome! and i know who she likes and she knows who i
like, its great, she also sits by me in english, and robs
in that class and he thinks she has a big rack HAHAHA, he
called me that one night out of no where, its kinda scary
lol, its cool, hes really funny and he knows when im
nervous and shit, i dont know why im nervous tho, hes came
over before, and i was nervous then too, but nowadays if he
came over i think itd be a different story HAHAHAHAHAH jk!
well im gonna go fer now har har BYE BYE

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