Nick's Journal
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2004-02-11 23:53:55 (UTC)

I'd rather get tea-bagged by fat albert than go through today again

today was one of the worst days i've had in a while. two
tests in one day and the usual amount of dumbshit that i
have to go through. the day started off great lying there
with juliann in bed just wishing that for once i coudl
control time and just lie there for a whole day without
ever having to leave her and have to go through the
horrendous rigmarole known as learning.
alas i had to, and like a baby ripped from the womb i
wondered out into the cold getting my ass spanked. the
first spanking occured in the bathroom. i walk in and
there on one of the urinals (out of 2) is this fat guy
with his sweat pants down around his ankles with his fat
gut barely eclipsing his penis. yes i saw his penis.
there wasn't much, but i saw it cos i turned towards the
urinals and he was standing at an angle so that his part
was facing outwards and his urine was barely bouncing off
the crest of the bowl. quickly i jumped into a stall and
let it loose, to my chagrin i realized that i had a
million man march knocking on my anus door and there was
no way that just the chinese (cos urine is yello) were
getting out of my body without the blacks. nothing like
sitting on a stall and reading "meet here @ 10:45 for a
blowjob". naturally it was 10:40 and i was freakin' out,
i don't know why cos i knew it wouldn't matter, but i just
kept on picturing dumb and dumber.
so then i'm lifting with john and there are way too many
people there expecting a hello from me. one is juliann's
friends boyfriend and he kept on giving me those shifty
glances of (aren't you gonna say something?). then there
was this guy that i think is pretty cool, but we missed
the first 2 eye contacts and the 3rd was so awkward. then
there was that black guy that gave me and john that tip, i
swear to god he wanted a "what's up my nigga" but i could
me mistakin'.
management test was a bitch. fuck management. hey maybe
i'll memorize the fucking book next time. fuck. then i'm
running around the track and i see this black guy show-
boating all over the place on the basketball court till
finally he gets his ass blocked so hard the ball flew
across the court. he started yelling at the guy who did
it insisting foul. that was kinda cool.
then i'm coming back on my bike when a fucking UPS truck
runs me to the side of the road. i try and stop get my
nuts stuck on the wheel careen into the grass and fuck up
my back.
deliver my hatred UPS. deliver it bitch.

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