I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2004-02-11 21:11:59 (UTC)

Coming Out Of Hiding

I'm still here. Yup. Kinda amazing, huh? Well, let me fill
you in on what has been going on. Ready?


Yup. There really isn't anything new and/or exciting in my
life. Two classes this semester, still working at the
health food store, still hate it, and still in FL. Though
I was (and still am) invited to move to San Fransisco in
September. It's actually a very tempting offer, however I
really don't see it happening. I'll still be in school and
I am trying so hard to actually finish something that I
start. *sigh*

I got my hair cut on Monday and it looks great! The only
down side is that in order for it to continue looking
great I have to blow dry it. Alas, I don't know how to
blow dry it the way that it needs to be done all
gorgeouslike. There's a crappy sentance if I've ever read
one. Bah!

I'm also trying to get out more, and in doing so have
realized that I'm actually much more shy than I had
originally thought. Not sure what I think about that yet.
Another thing to overcome I suppose.

My mom and I have been going through all of our family
photos and putting them in albums chronologically. It's
really fun doing it because it brings up old memories
locked away in my mind. Kinda like spring cleaning.

Speaking of spring, it's February in Florida and that
means 75 degree days. Yes, quite toasty. A bit too toasty
for me thanks.

There are plans in the works for a week of family reunion
this summer on the beach somewhere. Always fun in the
planning stages, and then when you're actually there you
remember why you live 800 miles from your nearest

In conclusion, I am I, and you are you, and be sure to tip
your waitress.

I'm gone.