purple star

Never once spoken
2004-02-11 21:07:19 (UTC)

the show pt.1

wellllllll i would have written this entry as soon as i got
back but i havent had the time. and i barely have the time
now... but i will anyway :) so after an extremely late
night on saturday night ;) i woke up at 9:30 and came home
so i could do a load of laundry so i would have jeans to
wear to PA. needless to say, i was quite tired. and very
nervous about who i may see on sunday night at the show.
so a little later than i had planned, i picked up brad and
we did a few little errands and then were on our way. at
about 2:15 we got into cumberland and my phone rings... its
aj. he wants to know where i am cuz there are about 20
people waiting for me at sheetz (the gas station we were
meeting at). so i tell him i am in cumberland (they all
had no idea brad was with me) and that i will be there
soon. so about 5 min. later we roll up to sheetz and aj is
signaling for us to follow him. so we follow him and he
calls us on the way and says that one of the people who
works at sheetz said they were going to call the cops if
they didnt all leave and that we were going to meet at the
fruit bowl (which is like a grocery store). so we go and
meet everyone there and myke gets out of the car and runs
over and is shocked to see brad. brad and i are shocked to
see neil who follows myke over. (we havent seen neil in
like 3 years or something). and mykes like 'its like a
fucking family reunion'. and it was....
so we get to the show and there are 10 bands that are to
play. i find out that i am going to be taking pics for at
least 2 other bands besides BBB. then skrewloose gets
there and wants me to take pics for them too. so i have 4
bands to shoot. so i track down the guy who is in charge
of the place and find out if i can go up on the cat walk
that went around the perimeter of the building... he says
yes after much asking. so i take pics for hearts & bones,
then another band plays and then i take pics for BBB, and
then another band plays... (so this is about 8:00 now and
we have been there since 3) and then during quid pro
quo.... brad comes up and goes... 'did you see who's
here?' and i go 'oh shit, are you serious? i thought we
were in the clear since its like 8:15.' and i look down to
were hes pointing and there is manda and chris.

ok im going to continue this later cuz i gatta get ready to
go back to work. sorry.... :) but thats the way it is.