Something For The Rag & Bone Man
2004-02-11 20:15:59 (UTC)

Parabolas and Hyperbolas

Great names for things in maths.

Parents evening was yesterday and everything went well, Mr
Rogers seemed to think i am a very smiley person and had
nothing bad to say and Mr Spendlow thinks i'd be good at
philosophy, however, i'm not going to do that at sixth
form. Also found out I got 22/24 on maths coursework which
absolutely made my day, because i'm very sad as you can
Shameless was good last night, quite liking the programme
and Garth Marenghis dark place is great....but 6 feet under
is my favourite show at the moment.
Blues are 1-0 against Everton which is good news.
Got a nice big science test tomorrow which i know less
about than the structures and bonding test which i got a D
Really really wanna see radiohead live and bright eyes and
interpol and it would be a treat to see the flaming lips
I actually only came online tonight so i could see what i
have to do next on broken sword three - the sleeping
dragon.....which i'm stuck on.I seem to be addicted to the
playstation recently. New people have moved in across the
road apparently, and they look like gypsies or so i've been
told...hmmmm how exciting.

Jesus Christ! My school photo..woooooaahhh man oh man, how
cheesy can you get...and a wonky grin, man...its the best!
Anyway, i can't think of much else to say, and i'm sure
thats a long enough post.