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2004-02-11 17:11:31 (UTC)

whoopie... pie?

yo yo yo i am so tired lol and i've still got like 10
hours left in my day before i can go home!!!!! well anyways
i dont really have to much to write about... of course i
say that a lot and end up with novels but i dont really
care it hink i do that thing called freewritting that my
english teachers are always talking about its where u just
keep writting non stop no matter what pops in ur head even
if it is thinking u have to piss or something u just keep
going and going and going like the energizer bunny!!! lol
well anyways there isnt to much to talk about the other day
i hit my head really hard and it hurt like hell i hit it
off a door knob when i was messing around and i just hit it
and it hurt and it still sorda does even tho it was like
last night well more like the night before last night well
anyways ive stayed on campus the last 2 nights which has
been pretty fun! i've enjoyed myself and gotten to know
some people a lot better!!!!! and last night i joined the
drama club i was so happy thats so great i love acting and
being in front of people im just one of those types but
everyone in there is pretty cool shit but i dont really
remember their names but hey give me a break im a crosby im
like that... however on a different note u all know about
don since i am like always talking bout him and shit well
anyways he has a g/f now.. hes actually making a commitment
and its kinda weird but as much as i dont understand it im
happy for him... u think id be upset with as much as i like
the kid but i am actually happy for him! i hope everything
works out great he seems pretty happy with it and im gonna
support him since "he doesnt do commitments" :o) lol but
it still doesnt mean i wouldnt jump at any chance to get
with him.... well thats if he gets single again... but its
all good because im having a blastliving the single life...
however it doesnt seem so single because there is this
guy... chris who is really sweet and i told ya'll bout him
before and i dunno its almost like we r a couple but we
aren't but we act like it... i think its just the fact that
i do need someone there i mean its been a week without ryan
and its weird i miss him but i still dont want him back but
i dont want a serious relationship with anyone else right
now thats y i am kinda worried about the whole chris thing
because we havent really talked about it but i mean i like
being close to him he's one of the nicest guys i have ever
met and hung with like that but in the same since its like
geesh i just got single and i havent really lived that part
to much yet!!!! but its all good guys give me time... well
anyways i am going out with ryan on saturday after the
game... that should be interesting... however i think im
going to tell him that the only way i will go is if we dont
talk about a relationship because then i feel bad and i
think about how much i miss him but then how much fun im
having not having to worry about him ya know,... i mean its
not like i can totally ditch him out of my life cause he
was a huge part of it and plus im buying my car off his mom
so i have to pay her some money like every week which is
just a grand ole time lol... well i guess thats all i have
like i said i usually turn it into a novel
**~~**u never truely know how much someone can mean to u
until they r no longer there to mean so much**~~**