D-Bone'z Diary
2004-02-11 15:39:45 (UTC)

Just Me

Yo whats up? well im just sitting here waiting for muh
homie to call meh so we can go drink a couple 40oz'z. I
ahvent dun that in a while now,,,well a while to me iz
like 1 week *L* I finnally got me sum new bone thug cds!
YaY!! *L* Man I gotta watch muhself wen I drink cuhz I
know imma be wating to fight dat fat crosseyed butch *L*
She has alot of fuckn nerve man,,,juz cuhz me and muh gyrl
kicked her "frendz" ass liike duh the bitch disevred it!!
*L* I just wanna leave tbay man I dunt wanna go to jail
agian!!! just 1 more week then im gone for 6months man
that shyt fuckn sux azz eeeeh! *L*Man I wish Babi Bear
would come whit meh down to TO! *L* well Im gonna go call
her I'.l probally end up wirting being all mad cuhz she
wunt eeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!! *L*