Sex Stories 6669
2004-02-11 15:22:20 (UTC)

Principal's Office

"Oh boy, Jessica...your in for it now!"creid Heather
(jessica's best friend)... Heahter followed her into the
pricipal's office and smiled... Jessica ran and locked the
door and pulled down the shades. Jessica was in a short
black mini skirt and a red halter top that showed her 36D
tits. Heahter was in the smae but her top was black and
showing her 38DD tits. Heather slammed Jessica's body on
the long desk. She then slowly climbed on top of
Jessica."Oh yeah bring it on baby!" Jessica screamed.
Heahter then slipped her index and middle finger into
Jessica's hot sweet pussy. Heahter shoved her fingers
harder and harder...Jessica moaned and took off her shirt
revealing to Heather her lupcious 36c tits. Heather
her tounge around the already harden nipples. Jessica
slipped her hand to Heather's already wet pussy and stroked
it ever so softly. Heather wanted her to taste her
juices... Jessica then flipped around to have Heather on
the bottom."Taste me!" Heahter mangaged to get
out...Jessica slipped off Heather's skirt and black mesh
thing and began to taste her. She then began to tounge
fucker her harder and harder...Jessica flickered her tounge
around Heather's clit peircing which sent a jolt of pain
and pleasure up Heahter... There was a knock at the door
and the girls jumped up . Both of them were dripping wet
with sweat. Heather peered through the door and saw that
there was no one there...False alarm."Bang me heather!"
said Jessica. Heahter then pulled out a dildo that she had
in her purse and began to bang jessica..."OMG I am
cumming!!!!!!" screamed Jessica...
Enough for now...:P