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Life Is For Living, Rite?
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2004-02-11 14:49:23 (UTC)


Having only just checked my diary after about two weeks, I
found a number of very nasty messages that had been left
by 'anonymous' people. I say it sarcastically because,
however clever they think they are, it doesnt take a genius
to figure out who frequently uses which insult, and there
you have it, you've got the name of the nasty, vindictive,
pathetic little people who:

A) accuse me of being pathetic and not saying things to
peoples faces, when they are the ones leaving stupid
messages under names they clearly think I don't know

B) say that my diary is pathetic and stupid, which causes
me to then question why they keep reading it if it is so
very pathetic, and if they have a problem with it then why
do they keep coming back?

C) say that diaries are supposed to be private, not posted
on the internet. This is the part where I point out that,
it is not a proper heart-to-heart diary, it is where you
can express your feelings, feelings that you dont mind
people knowing about!

and finally-

D) say that this is pathetic and stupid, when really all I
am doing is venting my stress a different way then usual. I
would, if I didnt get so much stick all the time, revert
back to my old way if writing it on here is so much of a
problem for the planets pathetic, worthless little gimps
who have nothng better to do then leave cowardly, pathetic
little messeages to a so-called 'mate.'

PS- you wanna know why I am ignoring you guys?
I finally took the hint

Xx Millie xX