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2004-02-11 11:35:16 (UTC)


this afternoon, i was very happy and high. due to the prize
presentation, there's one f5 girls won in karate competition
(free fight) and she also perform 十八手 to us. yeah!!!!at
first, i'm very excited. soon after, i was disspointed, cos
she didn't do it quite gd. even me can 「keyai」louder than
her. anyway, i was high.
after i came back from skool, i call XXX to confirm our
booking la, and that XXX said that we didn't have any
followup, and they may not WANT TO HAVE THE INTERVIEW WITH
US!!!!!!!!!! and asked me to call back her next week la.i
xxx xxxx xxxxx her. this stupid xxx-who do u think u r?!:@
i swear i will not go to xxx forever!!!!!

assiduous (a SI joo iss)(adj)
- word charge
-persistent, hard-working

eg He was astute and studious and his efforts led the
assiduous boy to the top of his class.

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