Meghans Diary X
2004-02-11 10:39:05 (UTC)

Mom split the scene and told me and Lisa the house is all yours

Boy, after mom gave me the go to hell look, she grabbed
her purse and some clothes, said she was going to
destinations unknown for a couple of days, since its
spring break, we could live with it, so after she got in
the car and smoked the back tires on the way out, Lisa
said she was hungry, I told her to hold off until we clean
up our poop, she ripped the sides of her pullup apart, let
it hit the floor in front of the wood burning stove and
said she's clean, I explained we was gonna have to wash
off in the shower, she agreed, we went in, took a bath and
shower together, then we got out, took sausage out of the
freezer, got the spaghetti noodles out plus the other
stuff, I whipped up some kickass good food, we ate good,
then she went to a friends house down below the hill, then
she came back saying the bitch wasn't home, so we watched
a little tv, I drank five of mom's beers, then we crashed
for the remainder of the day, then I heard what sounded
like water hitting the hardwood floor, it was Lisa
squatting and pissing through her pantie, she said a bug
crawled across her face, I asked her why ain't you in a
pullup, she said because she wanted to try something new,
then she stood up, the seat of her pantie was pooched way
out full of poop, I told her it your laundry to wash, then
I unloaded in mine, she curled up on the hide-a-bed couch
and went back to sleep while I made coffee, that was 90
minutes ago, after the sun comes up before anything else
is done, me and her are gonna get cleaned up as if it
never happened, I got a email from my Uncle Charles
telling me he was bringing us 15lbs. of catfish fillets if
the rain lets up enuff, he lives at the SPORTLAND HILLS
addition on LAKE WHITNEY, thats a thirty to fourty minute
drive, I've gotta logoff and mop up her puddle before it
spots the floor-BYE 4/now