Talking about Whatever
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2004-02-11 07:46:04 (UTC)

These really exist?

I didn't even know that these things really existed until
my brother brought it up today. I've got a journal in my
room, but who's going to read it, this will be more
interesting. I'm 20 years old and unemployed, not because
I can't find a job, but because I don't want one. So,
finding the money to get to Coachella in May is going to
be fun. I've got the money for the ticket, but no way of
getting there yet. I'm so excited to see the Pixies
reunite. And Radiohead at the same show? It's going to be
so awesome. I can't wait. And Phish this summer will be
great too. I hate the winter, it's so depressing.

I keep having these weird dreams. About the same person. I
haven't seen Myles in a couple of years, but the dreams
are so real. It really makes me miss him a lot. Wondering
what he's up to now. Last time I saw him he told me to
call him and that he'd see me later, but I never did call
him and I wish that I had. I always thought he was to much
for me. Too experienced in everything that I wasn't. He
did things that I didn't approve of at the time, but
secretly wanted to do too. He's the only guy that has ever
made me feel warm inside and I'm pretty sure I missed my
chance way back then. Which sucks now because I can't get
him off of my mind. And once in a while I get this wiff of
his cologne, just out of the blue...I'm still not sure
what it is, but it always reminds me of him. I haven't
smelled it for a long time though (maybe that's a sign).
Anyway, I think I'm kind of missing him.

So, this diary thing wasn't as easy as I had first
thought. Once I started writing I couldn't figure out what
to write. I guess maybe it takes a few times to get used
to it. I'll try again later. Peace.