chevs life
2004-02-11 03:37:54 (UTC)

The "Teenage Syndrome"

Now, what you've all been waiting for, my very educated
take on the "Teenage Syndrome". For those of you who
haven't heard of the teenage syndrome or other syndromes
like it, let me explain it to you.

The "teenage syndrome" is a parent's excuse asto why you
don't obey their every word anymore or you stick up for
yourself. They believe that you go through a phase in
which you want to "rebel against authority" or in simpler
terms be a "pain in the ass". Now they could not be more

True, this may be a phase, but a phase in which one
develops one's independence. You see, at certain age, or
maturity level rather, you begin to think for yourself and
develop your own ideals and morals. Unfortunately, it is
hard for parents to cope with the fact that you're growing
up and thinking for yourself. Thus, in an attempt to
regain your unconditional obedience, they try to force
their authority on you, more than usual. The response to
this attempt is usually not optimistic. It usually ends in
telling off parents and defending your ideals. This
typically ignites a flame and an argument is underway.

Parents need to understand that teenagers won't put up
with being treated as minors thus, when they are treated
this way, they will not respond very well. When we ask to
be left alone, this does not mean that you need to ask
about our day and continue to annoy us. Chances are, we
have something we need to do or just want to enjoy the few
minutes of silence that we have been waiting for all day.

When we say something, chances are we mean it and we do
not want the opposite to occur.

Ex: Enraged teenager: Leave me alone.
The correct way to address this type of situation is to
leave right away. Do not ask what is wrong" or "tell
me about your day". The "teen" will come to you if they
need to talk to you about their day. Save yourself the
fight and respect the fact that your child is
attempting to solve his/her own problems without
suggestions from mommy or daddy dearest.

Now it's all cleared up. I hope that now we all have a new