Nick's Journal
2004-02-11 02:36:59 (UTC)

My finance teacher has the temper of a baboon who's ass is on fire

so there i am once again sweating through the hell hole
known as advanced financial analysis. this class is
incredible, basically it's there for us to realize that
the past 3 years of schooling hasn't done jack-shit for
us, we still need a teacher to spoon-feed us every
equation and walk us through every case. the "fun" thing
about this is that the teacher is a sadistic, cruel,
this course is basically the equivalent working at the
special olympics just cos he likes to see retards fall
flat on their faces. we blubber, sputter, and choke out
answers that as he waits there with a bat of insults
waiting to wing the sorry, soggy excuse of analytical data
right back into our naive faces. the abuse isn't really
anything out of the ordinary, considering that i've gone
to school in austria where teachers pretty much bring a
tube of vasoline to jack off all over our faces if we so
much as mumble a stupid response.
anyhow, i gotta stop riding the bus, atleast it's warmer
now so i can bike again without my nuts clinkin' in my
boxers. but today i sat next to this girl (she got the
window seat) and all i wanted to do was look out the
window! and every time i tried she quickly spun her
stupid face in my direction in an action of "ha, i caught
you lookin' at me fool!" but the irony was that she was
anything but what i wanted to look at. i mean she wasn't
ugly but she was all wheezin' through her nose (i guess
she had a cold) and she was kinda breathin' out of her
mouth so there was some spittle there, and what? that's
my raison d'etre? surreptitiously spying on spittle
soaked sorority sluts?
only on thursdays, you're outta luck ho!