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2004-02-11 02:26:08 (UTC)

just general stuff was Florida Writes. Actually...It wasnt as
hard as i thought it would be. i had a promt that i could
actually write about. plus it was expository....and im
good at those. I SUCK at persuasive. The promt i got
was "what kind of job would you NOT like to have?" maybe
for other ppl thats hard but for me it was a piece of
cake. I kno for a fact that i couldnt be a doctor. For
several reasons: 1-I wouldnt want to see the pain from
injurys and i wouldnt be able to stand the sight of the
blood. i mean i get skwermish from the real t.v when they
show blood. MOVIES im fine with b.c i kno that its all
fake....real t.v 2- i dont think id get much
sleep and im a bitch if i dont get to sleep. and 3- i
WOULD NEVER be able to tell a pacient that their dieing.
AND i wouldnt be able to tell a pacients family that they
died under my care. THAT WOULD BE WAY TOO HARD!!
and for those of you who know me really well, you know
that i want to be a physical therapist (im gonna call it a
PT). "well isnt a PT a doctor?" you might be thinking.
well technically yes and no. a PT helps you RECOVER. i
wouldnt have to see them in pain. PT's use massage to
heal. MD's use modern meds. *shrugs sholders* idk. but only 15. i got a few years b4 i have to decide. least a few months. lol
well on a different note, my grandpas ankle is healing. NO
SURGERY!!! YAY! they gave him a boot so he can walk AND
hes thinking about going to therapy for it. yay!
and on a happier note....HARDWOOD IS SATURDAY!!!! I CANT
WAIT! i wanna see cody!!! i have the tickets, the dress,
the hair appointment for saturday, the permission form
from cody...the one from rick i'll have 2morrow (hopefully
*crosses fingers*) and my rents say everything is ok...for jk. codys commin over sometime saturday...for a
bit of food and hopefully a movie...i want him to see 'the
italian job'. THATS AN AWESOME MOVIE!!!
well i have to go. ttyl

Nikkie ^.^

my quote from rick today: "it aint nuttin but a thang
chicken wang" LOL

P.S.- pray for my friend steph. i cant tell y she needs
your prayers....just believe me she does. just pray that
all the things in her life get better. That would be a
great favor to me. THANXZ