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2004-02-11 02:20:59 (UTC)

I had it in my hand for about 5 seconds

Adam got me a really really pretty promise ring for a 10
month anniversary/Christmas present. but the only problem
was that the story only has size 7. and I THOUGHT i was a
size 6. so eventually i had to get it sized. well about 2
months later a diamond fell out of it! that made me so mad.
i took down to the jewelry store to get the diamond
replaced and to get it sized. so they said it would be done
by the 11th of February. Well they called today and said it
was ready and I could come pick it up. so i went down there
and it was TOOO big!!! so the lady got out the ring sizer
and we found out i am actually a size 4 1/2!!!! BIG
DIFFERENCE!!!UGH so now it won't be ready again until the
20th. so i had my ring in my hand for about 5 seconds. I
miss my ring...but i miss Adam way more.

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