WhoaBaby! Crazy life
2004-02-11 02:06:12 (UTC)


so i went to work today and it was absolutely rediculouse,
but luke was working w me and it made it like 80zillion
times better. SO i was just waching TV and a comercial
came on and a guy w a name on his shirt was on it and the
name was "greg" funny...
i duno whats going on.. I hate school its too time
consuming, and works gay cuz we have managers.. and i
think i may have lost my 100 dollar check:( but i'll find
it cuz time = monay..
I wonder what Lindsey is up 2. i was ganna write her a
note at work, but i kinda forgot.. yeah i think i'll call
her tomorow 2 make sure shes stil free on friday.. yep..
Well im waching will and grace and its so dull.. and at
work i got to wach THE LION KIND ONE AND A HALF.. its so
boring lready and i only saw it like twice..
I love boys.. they r so cute.
wellllll... im super super bored and my pissy mopther is
making me get off and do gay homeework:( blah. later
With love from me to you XXXivanaXXX