C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-02-11 00:54:58 (UTC)

the epic tale of my heartbreaking patheticness

The reason I'm doing a new one is because this deserves
it... i cant get it out of my mid so here it goes

A darkroom was lit only by the window. A stereo played
Saliva's CLick Click Boom. and that's how i felt. You took
my hand and began to stroke. Your eyes pleading, begging,
hoping. Was there a glimmer of lies behind that? Even
though my gut disagreed, I took the plunge. You said stop,
don't take them off. Go under. So I followed like a puppet
on strings. THe encounter was brief and rubbery as were
you. Knowing nothing else I thought caring. We bolted after
collecting my grey stripped turtleneck from the floor. I
hadn't shaved my armpits in awhile. Did you notice? You
skateboarded home while I walked. I told you how I couldn't
picture your face, only your forehead and nose I thought.
We ackwardly left with a hug, halfway to my house.

and im done