C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-02-11 00:41:27 (UTC)

Sore rhyming

So I've been at soccer camp for two days and i can tell im
goin to be sore... i hope i make varsity or at least jv...
i will cry if i make c team again... so im sorta in a funky
mood today... i dont know.. feel sorta down... so here is
some stuff i wrote... teh first i got the idea from my
math teacher... hes having surgery where they burn off hte
parts of his heart that arent working well... and the
second is about... well think about it and guess.....
Burn the heart to stop the impulses

It hurts like hell for now
but in a month it will beat like new

how can fre on a vital help me stay alive
let's hope I stay alive
Pray with me

Electronic impulses surging through my heart
lets hope its a jumpstart
and not a jump from a cliff

who will save the life
i give all my trust to you
guide my herat to health
so i will be brand new

Stare your pretty rimmed eyes over here
your jet black hair framing your face
make me laugh and tell me your dreams
cuz eyes lie

the closer you get hte more you can see
stare at me, stare at me
a butter like voice is speakign to me
but words lie

the only truth Ill never know
not in your heart but in your thoughts
so give me the power
and i wont stray
but i lie as well

what can i say... mediocore