The neverending tale
2004-02-10 23:56:28 (UTC)

heres how it goes...

I know your always supposed to gain friends and once in a
blue moon you lose one or two...Never did i think you
chould lose two best friends in the same year. It hurts even
more knowing that one of your friends knows what there doin
to you and doesnt care to stop...and the other just cant
help it since he was very devestating to recieve
the phone call the monday night and found out my best friend
matt of 12 years died...and everyone said we would be the
ones to grow up get married and have "9" kids...i didnt hate
the idea totally...but when you know a person that long they
tend to grow on you.And it certainlly takes alot of balls
just to talk about someone like that without gettin
gushy.Thats enough of the sad stuff.It was great to know how
many people out there that you may not be close with or even
know care so much! and then theres that one friend who
doesnt care and walks around thinkin there life is so much
worse then mine and everyone should just care about the
stupid problems she gets makes me just as mad since
i tried to help her plenty of times and i was there to
listen.but no she doesnt listen and wont care about your
problem no matter how hard it is for you since she just
tries to make her problem worse in the end.It hurts but now
i'm just starting to leave her in the past and mope around
all day while i'm having fun with new friends.Maybe she'll
come around to her senses and care but i doubt it.OK enough
of that bs...back to more important things like all the
wonderful friends i have such as
rea,katie,jenny,kay,adam,sarah,brittany,jon,my sister
angie,ashelyw,schnell in
away,feeky,dawn,lindsey,kristen,andrea,allisa, etc etc there
are so much more not enough time..we'll i g2g i will bebac
to tell more of this wornderful tale! LOVE, AMAZINNG