Lil' Butterfly

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2004-02-10 23:55:14 (UTC)

I'm going to cry!

My sister wrote a poem about killing her self and I tmakes
me so sad! Heres what it said:
As I slowly make my way,
towards my home, that I long for,
I thinkn about my day,
how I can't take anymore.
One more day, of all this pain,
I'm going to go insane.
As I reach my house,
so lonely and empty,
I think how many lives,
would be better off without me.
Things would be so simple,
no one would even care,
I don't think anyone will notice,
that I'm not even there.
Oour of all the people God could send me,
why did it have to be you?
It just makes what I have to do,
harder than it already is.
I know what I have to do,
that from the day I was born,
that this was meant to happen.
I slowly walk through my house,
knowing it will be my last.
I look into the eyes, of my niece,
I'll never see again, that I'll never watch grow up.
I'll never get to tell my mom,
how much I love her and how
great she has been.
These are my final moments

How could she think this? I love her and I would miss her
alot! I'm so Jealous of her any How! She can get almost any
guy she wants she has a perfect b/f who cares about her! I
wish I could be like her! yea , Iknow our family not
perfect but me & her are the only kids that aren't bad! I
worry enough about her & now I'm going to worry more! Gosh
This so sux! Welp, I'm outtie!

Love ya,
LiL' Butterfly