2004-02-10 12:06:47 (UTC)

happy ^_^

the gathering we had after skool, it's really fun. carmen
made mei and densie some "melty kiss", is not as pretty as
last time, but it still taste gd. we ate some snacks and
talk talk talk. we are so happy that we just kept lauging
and laughing. mei, denise and carmen's face went red, and
my mouth hurt. i enjoyed it alot. *_*
however my phy test.....dead. and mr lui kept asking me is
it hard?crazy. of couse la.he had asked many ppl, but i'm
the only one who was fan by him....... and one more
important fator that affect my result is ms lau didn't give
us 40 min, only 36min. ai, that 4 min may save my life ga
ma :'(
conclusion: happy. if i fail my phy test, i will blame ms
lau :)

aesthetic (ess THET ik)
- word charge
- clever
-pertaining to beauty or the arts

eg Under an anesthetic, the theatrical performance seemed
quite aesthetic.