My Life as I know it
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2004-02-10 02:39:06 (UTC)

I am finally 18

Well Feb 8th was my 18 birthday, I have been die'n to get
my eyebrow done ever since I can remember. But holy shit
did I work myself up! We made an appointment for 3 pm becuz
my frend wanted a tattoo. so here we are just sittn at home
dreading the pain! we couldnt eat or sleep. basically we
were being complete wusses. But I take pain very well so I
was kinda ok.
2 pm came along and we both were like, screw it lets just
go adn get this over with. Now dont get me wrong we wanted
it, we just were very scared.
So we get there and the girl took me right away. Her name
was Katrina adn she was really cool. I walk into the room,
and saw the chair of doom. Seriously it was huge and black,
kinda freaky. Ok so... she aske me if I wanted a bar or
hoop, and I said bar. stainless steel. 18 guage. The
smallest one... not many people sell 18g so she sed i might
have to stretch it to a 16, no big deal!
so I sit in the chair, body shaking like a leaf. I had my
bestest buddy holding my hand the whole time. I couldnt
have done it without her being there.
Katrina marked the spot on my eyebrow where it was gonna
go, and i checked it out to she if it was good. IT WAS.
then she lyed me back adn rubbed iodine on the spot, and
then placed the clamps on it. Now I have heard other
stories where they say the clamps hurt more than the
peircing. in my case that wasnt true, it didnt hurt at all.
She told me to take a really deep breath in and she shoved
the needle through. Then she told me to breath out slowly.
Now u r prob wondering if it hurt or not. hmmm I wish I
could be toatlly honets with my answer but to tell u the
truth I was so nervous I dont remember. But I do know is I
kept my eyes open and I didnt even flinch or sqeeze my
frends hand, so I guess u can say it wasnt that bad.
Katrina completely explained herself in detail adn answered
any questions I had. Everyone at American Skinart were
super nice, and made you feel better about gettn stuff
done. They are very clean, like a doctors office almost, I
was very impressed. They have nothing to hide.
I sat asking if it looked good...hahah...the needle was
still in my eyebrow, as blood gushed down my face. now in
some cases u may not bleed at all, but i bled like a son of
bitch let me tell u! It didnt bother me tho.
I tipped katrina 20 bucks, crazy maybe... but I knew I was
gonna remeber this experience forever and I wanted to thank
her, Im sure I made her day. :)
She sed thatIt may bruise and get crusty and pusy and all
that good stuff, but u just have to clean it 2 times a day
for the first 3 weeks, and then only once a day after that.
u wanna keep it clean, because being so close to hair, the
oils form ur hair can get into the wound and cause an
infection. luckily I have no symptoms of infections. It
doesnt even look swollen or crusty! It looks normal.
Now a day later and I am loving the eyerow. So many
compliments. except form my parents they hate it. But I did
it for me, not them.
For people who r thinking about gettn somn dine do it for
the right reasons. Dont do it to rebel. If you want it done
in the first plcae we already know there is a wild streak
in you!
Another thing is dont do it just because everyone else is
doing it. Body art is suppose to refelect who you are as a
person. Freedom of expression.
Wear it well what ever u shoose to get... ITS SO WORTH IT.
If you have any questions or just wanna chat with me IM at
Rebelatheart5 I am on AIM now so my email address wont work.
O and If you were wondering about my frends tattoo it looks
really really good..... It made me want one even more after
watching her get hers. Again they were really nice and
clean, so if you have perinoid parents like mine they have
nothing to worry about. You just have to be 18 or have a
parent or legal gardien with you, because they do check for
Ok so finally good luck with ever you decide to your body!
and just be safe. I hope to hear form you, and see if your
experience was simialr to mine. peace out and be safe