lyssa's Diary!
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2004-02-09 23:42:50 (UTC)

life... big eye opener...

changen names in this sense it is public....
well on friday night i was supposed to have this girlz
night in kinna thing. and i asked mitch* to take me to
tacoma to go pick up my 2 friends, and he brought his
friend Tim* with him. well we got along, and then they
started talken about Coke... sorry but that has been buggen
me knowen that some of my friends have been doin it. ne
ways... we pick up one of my friends while the other one
just walked off. then! we left, my friend was following us
back to bonneylake when they decided they needed to go get
more coke, they picked up my other friend...Chris* and they
brought my friend in his car. they kept usen my cell phone
maken sure it was ok to go buy it at that time.. blah
blah... then they got it.. they started doin it in the car!
with me right next to them.. and while Mitch drove! i was
soo pissed and upset.. and yea i was the dumbass sitting in
the car with them. then then drive back to my house have my
friend chris, and my close friend ashley there and wait for
time and mitch. well they go and do a few "errands" what
ever... they then come back and we drive over to this guys
house. we then stay there for a few hrs, which was the most
umcomfortable feeling in the world. i didnt like it.. there
they kept doin coke, drinking.. i felt soo uncomfortable.
i had to talk to them, while some of them left, while some
of them stayed, and i stayed there the whole time with
these weird ppl. i was not enjoying my time at all. i got
hella depressed too... by the time i did get home, me and
my friend were talken about what all happend... we couldnt
believe what happend, and how it happend, and how they
thought it was no big deal. i told her i was thirsty and
opened my door to see my mom there.. she over heard
everything but was pissed off.. she assumed it was me that
was doin the drugs. she flipped out and we started
fighting.. the next day my friend left and went home, and i
stayed in bed and couldnt deal with it. i realized then i
couldnt hang out with the ppl i was hangen out with ne
more. i called chris and told him he needs to choose
friendship or coke,.. he chose friendship.. the other 2
guys i dont know well enough to say that too. i was
completley depressed, i stayed in bed till 5 in the
evenning, and i cried and cried, my mom thought i was doin
drugs, my friends were, i finally knew what aj was talken
about bad influence, and he was right. i just couldnt
believe it ne more. i then decided i cant be at that school
ne more, and i will be starting independant studies
verysoon and will graduate sooner also. aj wont talk to me
after i realized what he was talken about but i hope he
does sooner or later. its life, and things happen... i have
to go now, but do know one night can seriously change u

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