The Boy Looked At Johnny
2004-02-09 22:53:30 (UTC)


Well, that's it for "The Boy Looked at Johnny."

This narrative, such as it is, has completed its arc, and I
think it's time to send your humble narrator packing into
the sunset. There's just no reason to keep going here with
this journal. The white-on-black hurts my eyes and the
format is confusing, but let's not kill the messenger: I
really just don't have a lot to say at the moment, and
certainly not in this context. If I decide to do the
blogging thing again, it's going to have to be a lot less
convulsive, or else I'll burn out again.

There were some nice bits here. The story is interesting,
and there's some good memories in here that are worth
holding on to. It documents certain time pretty well, if
not with a little bit too much hysteria about contemporary
developments for my ever-changing tastes.

So, there you go. Have fun. Contact me at
[email protected] if you like.

Signing off...