Crazy life & random thoughts of `C`
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2004-02-09 22:11:06 (UTC)

wishing your life away?

   Sat at work today, you know the scene... office desk,
telephone, 'puter in front of you and thanks to good old
bill and his M$ Windows.. the little digital clock in the
bottom right corner.

I sometimes look at it notice what time it is and then
carry on with a conversation I'm having. But once that's
finished I look again and its the same minute which ticks
over to the next. But the weird thing is that what you did
the first time you looked and then the second time, felt
like it was a good 5 minutes and not 5 seconds... which
leads on to the next bit of wishing.

"I wish it was home time"

"only a hour left"

Its the same thing everyday, I have a strange peculiar
thought that one of these days I'm going to roll over of
bed and its going to be my 80th birthday, and it frightens
me to death... which at 80 isn't far off!

"Happy birthday to you....."

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