Best Left Unspoken
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2004-02-09 20:14:32 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 6

Chapter Six
“The killer made his move towards Sara first. Brittaney
remembered what Sara had about how if they work together
that they could make it out alive, so she did the only
thing that she could think of in a split second. She
jumped forward at the big man with the knife and tried to
knock him back. Now, because he was so much bigger than
her she only made him stumble backwards about two steps.
He smiled menacingly and started to raise the knife to
stab Brittaney now. Sara and Tiffany both gave each other
the same look and also lunged at him. Tiffany grabbed his
arm that was holding the knife. Sara jumped up and started
to claw at his eyes with newly french manicured
fingernails. The man fell to the floor. Brittaney,
Tiffany, and Sara all jumped to their feet and ran back
into the bedroom to tell the rest what had happened,”
everyone really was surprised. They had expected Sara to
say that Tiffany and Brittaney were brutally murdered and
she was fine.
“That really was unexpected,” Jennifer said.
“I’m not done,” Sara looked at him and pretended to be mad
but everyone started to laugh right about then.
“Well then continue,” Jennifer waved his hand as if he
were a traffic instructor.
“The three of them were explaining what had happened to
everyone else. No one was really paying attention to
anything else. The killer walked into the room. Brittaney,
Tiffany, and Sara were all facing opposite of the door and
the killer recognized them. He slowly walked up to them.
He was trying to figure out who would be best to kill by
surprise. His eyes hurt so much, and that’s how he made up
his mind. He was going to kill the brat that scratched his
eyes. He slowly walked up behind Sara. He pulled the knife
up and was right behind he started to push it down with
all of his force. Sara heard something from behind her. It
sounded like something really fast moving through still
air. She turned around just in time to be stabbed in the
stomach. He pulled the knife back out of her body. It
gleamed with blood in the light from the flashlights and
the moon. Sara covered the hole in her stomach with her
hands and pulled them back away from it and looked at
them. They too were covered in her own blood. The man
smiled and wiped all the blood from the knife off on his
shirt. ‘I’m sorry.’ Sara said as she slowly fell to the
floor. Everyone around looked at her as the blood flowed
out of her onto the floor in front of all of them,” Sara
paused and looked at everyone. When she got to the part
about the man lifting the knife into the air she put both
of her hands up high as if she too were holding a knife.
When she said that she was stabbed in the stomach she
grabbed her own stomach and fell to her knees on the floor.
“Ouch,” Beth’s eyes were as big as golf balls.
“Sara looked at everyone in the room one last time before
she died painfully. Her blood still flowed out of her onto
the floor. The man stepped in it and left a footprint. He
walked forward to Ethan next. He seemed to be mesmerized.
He didn’t want to kill Brittaney and Tiffany yet. ‘Run!’
Ethan yelled to everyone else and they all just seemed to
look at him for a second. ‘Now!’ he said. He wanted them
to get out before anything else happened. The man raised
the knife high above his head again and brought it down
into Ethan’s chest. Ethan sputtered. The man smiled again
and watched as Ethan’s blood stained his clothes and
dripped onto the floor. Ethan just looked at him and stood
up for as long as he could. He was going to fight the
pain. After a little more than two minutes the man got
aggravated. He wanted to know why Ethan wasn’t falling to
the floor and dying. Ethan was fighting the urge to die.
He was fighting to stay alive. It was the toughest battle
anyone could ever go into but Ethan was determined. The
man raised the knife again. After all he didn’t have all
night. He still more teenagers in this house that were
alive. He started to put back down into Ethan’s body but
Ethan took a quick and painful step to the right. The man
had pushed the knife down the such force that he stumbled
forward. He almost tripped, but he grabbed Ethan and
pulled him down with him. Ethan was now coughing up blood.
The man was on his knees and Ethan was on his stomach. The
man took the knife and stabbed Ethan in his back several
times, until he was sure Ethan wasn’t breathing. He pushed
the knife into Ethan’s skin passionately, as if the only
reason to live is to make death. Ethan’s warm blood
spilled everywhere around them. Then man got up and left
his footprint in the blood. He then left the room to find
the others,” Sara made a every motion that she said the
man made. She even got on her knees and pretended to
murder someone that was lying on their back.
“You are really good at explaining murder. How do you do
it?” Steven looked at Sara. She stood up and smiled.
“Well you know, you either got it or you don’t!” Sara
said. Everyone in the room laughed. Even Ethan.
“That sounded really painful,” Ethan said as he rubbed his
“Yeah, that would suck it were to really happen to any of
us,” Beth said and looked at everyone else. “I’m surprised
that Jonathan and Mitchell haven’t jumped out to scare us
yet. I wonder where they are.”
“They’re probably just around the corner listening,”
Jennifer rolled her eyes.
“Yeah your probably right, so anyway you better finish
your part of the story Sara,” Beth looked at her with
“The others had ran all the way down to the last room in
the basement. They were all in a small circle holding each
other and crying. They had witnessed most of Ethan’s
murder because they just stood outside the door when it
was happening. They all turned and ran down the stairs
after they saw the man drop to his knees to attack Ethan.
They ran even faster than any of them thought that they
could. They were scared because Ethan wasn’t. They saw how
Ethan was determined to just stand there and aggravate the
man. They all saw how the man seemed to be in more pain on
the inside than Ethan was on the outside while all of it
was happening. They then heard something thumping slowly
down the steps towards them. The entire group tensed. They
were trapped. They knew that they had only two choices. To
either give up one of them so that the other four could
run again or they could fight and risk everyone’s lives
but also everyone’s freedom could come out of it,” Sara
looked around at the rest of the group with big sad eyes.
They seemed to tell the rest of the story themselves,
without Sara’s help.
“Is that where you are going to stop?” Ethan asked her,
sitting on the edge of the couch. He was really excited
about this part of the story.
“Yup, who wants to be next? I left you with a really good
place to start,” Sara looked around at everyone and when
no one answered her she said, “Okay I guess I’m going to
have to pick who’s next and I pick, hmmm, Seth. Are you
ready Seth? I hope so, make it good because everyone is
really excited now!”
“Me? Okay I’ll do it but don’t get too excited because
it’s not going to be that good,” Seth said getting up off
the floor. He got up and wiped the dust off the back of
his pants a little before he walked up to take the twig.
“Yay! Good luck Seth!” Beth said in a sarcastic sing-song
“Thanks,” Seth said sarcastically back to her. He walked
up the middle of the room to where Sara was standing and
took the twig.
“It’s really fun, you’ll like!” Sara said to him as she
walked over to where he used to be sitting and sat down.
She looked back up to him with full attention. I hope that
they are ready for another part of the story. But I doubt
it, because even I’m not ready. I wish them all good luck
and hopes that they will see the next day.

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