A choosen life
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2004-02-09 20:07:37 (UTC)

Leaving the nerds...getting the right life...getting halle berrys bod

Ever scince i went to private school i havve been a
loser...a loser,not at heart but u know. I use to be
popular and well liked but not here but today somthing
sweet happened. Theres this girl(won't name names) but
shes really pretty and really sweet i called her sunday
and we jabbed on for like a hour, but todays monday in gym
class i usually hang out with these one really nerdy dosnt take a shower everyday ,wears the same
sweathshirt everyday with dired food on it and crap and
the other wont shut up and they dress like little kids.
But i let them go today and hung with the cool crowed.