blah blah blah
2004-02-09 19:56:44 (UTC)

don't wanna work

i'm all sweaty and out of breath. not from anything fun,
though. just from running and jumping around like a
nut 'cause i'm super duper hyper today for some odd reason.
i have to be at work in an hour and 15 minutes and i smell
and my hair is sticking up all over. it would be funny if i
went in like this. but they'd probably send me home. that
would be okay, too. i don't really want to go in the first
i'm hoping the perverted cleaning guy who's 29 and acts
like a hormonal 16-year-old won't be there tonight talking
about girls' boobs and saying "i'd like to drink her bath
water" every 15 minutes. it gets old, really. why do guys
talk to me like i'm another guy? it can be rather annoying.
this guy is an idiot. i had to pull out an atlas at work
the other night and show him mexico is a country and new
mexico is a state. he really didn't know. he also thought
canada was a state because he thinks countries can't be
connected to each other. dumb ass. so i spent about 20
minutes explaining canada is a country with its own
providences similar to states and isn't a part of the us at
all...and that mexico is also a country, but new mexico is
a state. i don't know if it really sunk in or not. he was
probably just looking at my boobs the whole time anyway.
boys are stupid. throw rocks at them.