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2004-02-09 19:40:43 (UTC)

Had this weird dream

It's not too weird. My last entry was yesterday, where I
wrote about me wanting to sleep over at Eric's when we play
our d&d game on Saturdays. So I had a dream that I woke up
this morning when it was like 7 eventually it went on to 10
or so. I was at Eric's in a room that's not really in his
house, but it was there in my dream. It was in place of the
bathroom. The doors of this room and Eric's were parallel.
The bed was right there. I had slept on it. White covers
and all. My phone was on low battery. It started talking to
me, telling me to turn it off. I have kept it on all night,
and the battery was real low. Surprisingly, my parents
haven't called all night. I had a good sleep. But I had to
get home fast before my parents figure out that I haven't
come home last night. Which was funny cause I don't
remember playing d&d, which would be the only reason I
would want to stay.

So I'm trying to be on my way, but I keep kinda getting
dazed by the sheer fact of how and why did I end up here.
What will happen when I get home. Will they notice? Maybe
they know and just don't care? So I eventually make it out
of the house. There's some big stir going on as always.
Steph came in her yellow car with Liz and Anna. Then I saw
like 3 other yellow cars and further down some little
yellow trolley. I was thinking, shit, I really gotta make
some kind of twinkie, yellow car video joke around here.
This is like the place to be for yellow cars. Swoosh. I
think I was waiting until my parents did call. I guess I
wanted to get caught. Or something like that. Atleast the I
wouldn't have to walk home in the cold.

Eventually I confused myself so much I just woke up. What a
dream. Does this mean I'm gonna be allowed to sleep over at
Eric's for the d&d thing?