Meghans Diary X
2004-02-09 10:55:59 (UTC)

New Poop-addiction that is one of a kind and all mine and Lisa's

This is Meghan looking down the barrel of a gun at you,
I'm gonna let you people in on what I am addicted to and
can't get enuff of: I recently went to town by way of
highway 174, bought my little sister Lisa some GOODNITE
PULLUP DIAPERS because she still wets the bed at eleven
years of age, but anyway, I took the backroads from the
Cleburne lake, its been a few years since I had been that
way, I got lost, wound up at GOATNECK, then thats about
the time my life was 4/ever changed: My stomach started
cramping and passing alot of gas, there was a unusual
amount of traffic, as if they homed in on me, well, turns
out some of the gas I passed was poop, hard as concrete
poop, it hurt on its way out, every side road I tried to
stop to poop, there was traffic and more traffic,
population explosion I guess, so I finally found the road
to come home on that comes out behind the crossroads in
Blum and had just enuff gas to make it home, the whole
four miles of the way, my poop kept getting softer and
softer as it exited into my camo-pants, I was gonna go
hunting, but my plans were changed, mom threw a fit like a
motor fixing to throw a rod, she was pissed, I told her
about getting lost, she said thats no excuse, you should
have known better, well, I went in to clean up, Lisa asked
why's mom so mad, I showed her my poop as it oozed passed
my ankles, she said cool, now she does like me, but she
waits till nightfall to poop in her pullups, oh well,
after I scrape up enuff greenbacks, I'm gonna buy me some
pullups, as of now, my pantie is full and leaking all in
my pj bottoms, mom is giving me a go to hell look,BYE.