2004-02-09 10:09:46 (UTC)

wat a day

yesterday, the weather broadcast said today is cold ma,
turnout, today is HOT (well, not that hot, be is hotter
than the past few days la).
today's english lesson we did creative writing. creative
writing is not bad, but just that, today i'm not in the
mood, so i can't think of any topic to write........ we
only have 30 mins to write lo, but no min. word :D. ms lau
asked us to use COMPLICATED WORDS, not simple words, but
complicated. i'm not gd in eng, how the hell can i use
those complicated words ar, crazy. anyway, i wrote about
the world after 100 years.
after lunch, we had double maths, i kept on dozing off for
like 1 lesson. the maths is very fan, keeps on changing
carmen had organized a gathering for "stu", "pid", mei and
denise. looking forward.

i decided to start "word of the day", becos after the eng
so today's WORD OF THE DAY IS :
ARID (AR id)
- -ve chage
- sickness and disease
-extremely dry or deathly boring

eg in the arid desert, the area is dry.