2004-02-09 07:54:05 (UTC)

Red vs Blue

So I've been introduced to two very gamer things recently.
2 and a half technically. Halo is the half cause I already
did it before but sucked. Got better playing on Eric's
team. Still not very good though.

Anyway though, d&d (dungeuns and dragons)was something they
got me in to a while ago but we finally started "playing"
it recently. Technically the've been playing. I had to be
home so left right before the game started like 2 days in a
row now. We keep waiting for Evil Jimmy, the Dm. (Dungeun
master) to come. He works late at Walgreens as a pharmacy
tech guy.

Yesterday they had me roll out, and I had some pretty high
scores. So my character is done, I just kinda need to make
a character history, and start playing. For that I'd need
to be able to stay over for the night, or atleast till 4
a.m. on Saturdays. Maria sleeps over on saturdays and
plays. She's cool, and she's new to the game to, so I
wouldn't mind staying over. The only reason she is able to
do this is cause she lies to her parents saying that her
friends Terry is sleeping over too. I've told my parents
that so that I can sleep over eventually as well. Hope it
will work. Cause I really wanna play, really getting into

I couldn't play last night, but they call me to play today,
and it's gonna be late by the time we start playing so I
go, and they show me something new. Red vs Blue. Halo
related internet sitcom. Super cool.

Getting on my bro's nerves so I'll go.