Rei's Little World
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2004-02-09 05:43:24 (UTC)

Good Weekend

wooo! today ends a good weekend.

Saturday I went to the mall and the movies with Ian....and
Jason. lol, there were 6,936,927 joo jokes there ^^. It
was great, cause I hadnt seen Ian in like, a month, so i
was REALLY glad to see him, and next sunday i'll be able
to see him again! So im extremely happy about this. (and
today makes 3 months ^^)

then today I went bowling with Rachel, Travis, Robi-lynn,
Leon, and Stephanie. We had a pretty good time. I lost
horribly though, my scores were like...77, 86, and 70. I
tried playing Pump It Up, but without shoes, its
useless...waaay to slippery...with bowling shoes too...yep.

so that was my days ^^. so ill write later.....maybe.....

p.s. if you find any mistakes in spelling or grammar
(which you will) iknow im a bad typer already ^^

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