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2004-02-09 05:14:37 (UTC)

aaahhh yup

well another day in the life of tawnya marie crosby yup
thats me.... well today lets see well actually last night
which was a lot like this morning anyways i didnt end up
going to sleep until like 4 in the morning it was crazy and
then originally had my alarm clock set to 10:30 because i
didnt want to sleep the day away with all the unpacking in
shit well i woke up to it and shut it off and went back to
bed and got up around noon!! well then i unpacked some shit
now u can actually move around in my room instead of just a
straight path to and from my bed lol.... so thats great but
its sad that i only made a large dent and there is still a
good portion left to have done... well then i went in town
to se ryan because he wanted tosee me and take me out to
eat... so we went to the olive garden which was good! like
always our waitress was a little tipsy tho i think he yes
he was knew... but anyways the whole thing was awkward u
know seeing ryan like that and being around him now that we
r no longer together its so hard to be like that i was
trying not to cry i mean i love the kid i honestly love him
but i just cant do that anymore its been pointed out to me
that i love him but i just dont hink its meant to be with
me and him but who knows maybe someday!!! but i mean he
looks like hes lost 5 pounds which isnt bad but i mean from
not eating and he's pale like hes gotten little sleep and
he hasnt shaved which is not him at all and then there is a
20 pack of beer in his room!!! i feel so horrible and then
he tells me how much he misses me and wants me back and
cant even be at his house for very long without having to
leave because all he can think about is me... is sad and i
wanted to cry so bad but i couldnt and i was fighting
myself not to and to leave as soon as i could i dunno but
anyways theni went and hung out with chris for a bit was
pretty cool and i even got to see don in that little wrap
up so totally cool.. lol he was on his way out tho :( but
its cool i still got to see him... well then i got to ride
in a hummer lol it was alright i guess could have been more
exciting like if we went off roading but they guy wouldnt
even run over a snow bank i mean come on now... well
anyways it had heated seats my bum bum was warm it was
great well guess what thats how my day was lol interesting
huh? lol didnt think so but yeah who knows maybe i have a
secret stalker even tho stalkers usually r secret anyways
maybe i have one that likes to read my day by day life
story incase they miss something... lol anyways im out
later guys love yas