No time for love Dr. Jones
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2004-02-09 04:32:51 (UTC)


I’ve been thinking lately about my indecent exploits.
Perhaps it’s time I jotted down all my extra-relational

Kelly - I put this down because technically I was with Lisa
when Kelly and I hooked up. Although, there wasn’t any sex
while I was with Lisa (that all came afterwards ;), nice
pun too), it was just snogging and stuff.

Kylie - This was while I was with Carolyn. She worked at
Woolies with me when I was a check out chick, she was in
charge of the check out chicks at night. One night when she
wasn’t working, she rang me and asked what time I finished
and wanted to know if I wanted to go out on the town with
her, coz her other friends she made plans with had bailed
(whether this was true or not, I don’t know). So after I
finished work I rang Carolyn and told her that I would be
staying back at work late and working overtime. Looking
back I should’ve just told her I wanted to go out some
friends from work or something. Anyhoo, we went to a few
clubs, but not much was happening so she told me we could
go back to her place and smoke some weed for giggles. After
we smoked two or three bongs of the weakest shit I’ve ever
tried, we sat down to watch TV and she started telling me
about how she hated how she was so short. We stood up to
see how much taller I was than her. So to try and make her
feel better (not like that!) I grabbed her around the waist
and lifted her up so she would be as tall as me. Then she
kissed me. After that we sort of made out on her couch and
ended up in the bedroom. After we’d finished, she fell
asleep, so I wrote her a note on some paper, telling her to
call me. Then I called a taxi and went home. How clichéd.

Stacy - I slept with Stacy twice. I worked with her at
Woolies too, although she transferred to a different store
before anything happened, so she was a girl I used to work
with I guess. Anyway, one night there was some big speedway
thing on, and Carolyn went with some of her friends to it,
but I didn’t want to go. So I stayed home and smoked some
weed by myself to pass the time (see any patterns emerging
here?). I got a call from Kylie (yes, the same one) asking
if I was doing anything tonight, and if I wanted to go out
with her on the town again. I said yeah and grabbed a taxi
into her place. When I got there we left almost straight
away. Whilst in town, we met some guy from her new job, she
told me he’d been trying to get into her pants since she
started there and begged me not to leave her alone with
him. So he tagged along with us. He was pretty stupid, and
one stage he cornered me near the bar and started asking me
strange questions (“so, you must have a pretty big dick eh?
Come on, how long mate? Mine’s pretty good” ugh). I’d given
up on getting jiggy with Kylie at all, coz she’d gotten
fairly pissed and was flirting with this guy. So I went off
and checked out this cover band at whatever club we were
in. Then Kylie comes over with this girl and is all
like “Hey, do you remember Stacy? She used to work with
us”. Stacy hung around with us for the rest of the night,
then when the club closed we were all standing outside and
Stacy kissed me. I can’t for the life of me remember why.
Anyway, Stacy had her car in town, but said she was too
drunk to drive. By this time I’d come down, so I offered to
drive, coz she only lived a suburb over from me, so I
figured I could score a free lift home. After we dropped
Kylie and the other guy off at her house, I took Stacy
home. We stood outside her house for a while talking and as
I was saying goodbye, she asked if I wanted to kiss her
again. We made our way to the playground across the street
and got on the swings, she was siting in my lap and we were
swinging while we kissed, it was pretty cool. After a few
hours of kissing and talking and swinging and kissing, we
went over to one of the picnic tables and had sex. It is
still in my top 5.

The second time I slept with Stacy I was out on the town
with Carolyn and a whole bunch of my friends. I was so
drunk I barely remember most of the night. We ended up at
some shitty bar that played even worse music. I told
Carolyn that I was going for a walk downstairs to get a
drink, and downstairs I saw Stacy. We chatted for a few
minutes then, all of a sudden, I said to her, “I’m going to
kiss you now”. And I did. We went outside and sat down to
talk for a while, when Carolyn came out. I introduced Stacy
as a girl I used to work with and Carolyn cracked the shits
at me. Apparently I left for my drink an hour ago, and she
was bored so she was going home. The tone of her voice
implied she expected me to go as well, but I just said OK
and told her I’d see her later that night. She was pretty
shitty with that. After She left, Stacy asked if I wanted
to go back to her place. So I did. We ended up screwing for
hours. Afterwards we fell asleep, and I woke up naked on
her couch. Don’t ask.

Jacinta – Just before xmas 2002, Belinda and I went to
Darwin. I had to go for work, but I was also up there for
Rob’s 21th. Belinda came up for a week, and a couple of
days after she left, we had a party at Noel’s place. Noel
and I smoked some weed and I had organised to go out and
meet another girl I knew from Woolies. She picked me up and
we went into town. We started playing pool and buying each
other drinks, all the while flirting fairly heavily with
each other. Jacinta had always told me what a dirty bitch
she was in the bedroom, and I was drunkenly thinking I
could find out just how dirty she was. She told me that her
parent’s had left town, and she still had the keys for
their old place and that no one was living there yet. And
it had a spa. So we went there and got in the spa. We were
talking for a while, then she started kissing me. She ended
up jerking me off in the spa, then she asked me if she
could suck me off. I said we should go back to her place,
and we did. I fell asleep in her bed, and I woke up in the
morning. I’m pretty sure nothing more happened after I fell

So that’s it. I never felt bad about cheating on Carolyn,
and I don’t really know why. I’m not sure if you could
class Jacinta as ‘cheating’ on Belinda, but I do feel bad
about that. Should I?