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2004-02-09 02:54:00 (UTC)

This weekend!

Fri: that day was messed up, after school me and em head to
hh gregg to get my subs fixed, well, the guy tehre is an
asshole, and we have to wait till like 4:30 just for him to
look at it. so ya, he looks at it for 5 seconds, and
says "your RCA wires are in the input, not output" thats
why it was messed up, i swear to god that is the LAST time
i let any of my friends fuck w/ my car! um, so anyway, i go
home and sleep till like 8, then get up and get ready to go
see a movie, you got served (b2k was looking DAMN fine!).
anyway, we get to the movies ON TIME (see, good things
happen when u dont hang out w/ gay boys) and 4 lil kids
between the ages of 12-14 sit in front of us. the 14 year
old turns around during the previews and was like "daaamn
im about to go sit up thur!" and me and em just acted like
we didn't hear. and then, the other lil one, turns around
and is like "hey hey!" so i lean up to hear him out and he
was like "we just wanted to let you know that yall are
lookin GOOD tonite" lol, i was like "uh thank you" then me
and em started burstin out laughing after he turned around!
we could have babysat those kids! how pathetic!
Sat: i def. sleep in till 3:30 and i bum around my house
till 6 bc thats when i had to babysit. ya, the bouldins got
home around 11 (OH by the way, leo will be 1 next month! im
so excited!) and i head out to pick up em. we drive out to
mcdonalds to meet up w/jake brett and zach. tim n. was
there! i know that kid! haha. um we get there and none of
those guys talk to us (assholes) so EMILY calls josh and
tells him to meet us up there. he does, and we all head out
to players. WELL, me and em, and then josh get there (we
had 3 cars heading there) and i pull up right in front of
one of the windows. thru the blinds i can see that there is
a fight going on inside. well, a girl and a guy come
storming out of players, im assuming to leave (mind you,
emily and i are still sitting in my car bc we are scared
shitless to get out) and the guy is following the girl
saying "why the f did you hit me in there biatch yadda
yadda" so she says "f you f you" and then he pins her up to
the fence outside. he is yelling at her, blah blah, and
then she punches him across the face like 8 times. (at this
point, me and emily run out of my car over to josh) well,
like 6 guys come out of players to get him off of her, and
they finally do (they are ALL drunk) and she gets in her
car, backs up into a van, dented the bumper big time, and
just speeds off, tires spinnin and everything. soo, they
are all trying to get him to calm down and he THROWS this
guys head/shoulder into one of the glass windows!! so the
owner lady finally calls the cops and that scary dude heads
down dixie hwy. and that guy that broke the window goes
hobbling back in bc i think he was bleeding and it prob
hurt! lol. so i run back to my car, back it out and get the
hell out of there. this all happend at about 12:30 and that
is past florence's curfew, and the cops were going to be
swarming there in about 5 min, so we got the heck out of
there. we head out to josh's and brett the fucker calls
emilys cell. well, emily told them what happened and then
told them we were going to josh's, well i guess that called
josh and asked if they could come too and josh said no
(good job josh!!) soo, we hang out at josh's for a while,
and then the fucker calls emilys cell again! and says
something about eggs, blah blah, so we know they are doing
something to my car, well i run out tehre and find jake
putting a cookie cake on my car. well i was pissed and
threw it at the fuckers car. just hit the bumper, damnit.
ya, so we head back into joshs for like 20 more min. and
then i have to take em home, well, when i pulled onto the
street, all of a sudden ,i see a car speeding up behind me,
well guess who, the fucker... anyway. i head towards the
highway and em tells me to go thru florence bc its quicker,
well, i passed them and that nite i found that i
was "escalating the problem" when i was just trying to head
home. so they follow me all the way out to union, which is
def. like 10 miles out of their way. how gay is that?! im
sorry, but if on a sat. nite, you have nothing better to do
than drive around and waste your gas, thats pretty
pathetic. mm anyway, i get home, and get on the net till 3,
which wasn't very smart because i had to wake up at 8 on
sunday morning!
sun: today i worked, 10-2, oh boy what fun (i hope you can
see the sarcasm there) ya i didn't get my schedule for this
coming week, but i assume i have the good 'ol 4 hours on
sunday. or friday 3-cl the bitch hours. oh well. then after
work i met my parents for lunch and then i went shopping by
myself, which was cool, i got to have some thinking time.
which is something i def. need.
I think this entry is long enough! so ill catch ya on the
flip side!