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2004-02-09 02:39:48 (UTC)


2day i was hella lazy...but u no how i am,o well!! i talked
2 my X...he still loves me...damn ppl.!!! his mom wants 2
fly me there...but jay would F*&^%$ freak!! i talked 2
lessa 2 day,thats the homie..she goin out w/ my 1 jugalo
mike!ooooh ya wtf do u buy a guy 4 valentines day? guys r
so difficult i mean s***!the other night i went out 2 meet
lessa & i scared the shit outa her when we were walkin 2
mikes...i was laughin so hard...o ya & also she almost got
hit by a car! watch out lessa!dont pee ur pants!!! ne ways
that night we went 2 go c a movie...it was funny as
hell...oooh ya ASHTON KUTCHER IZ SEXY!! i like the
commercial!!mmm hmmm..uh oh i gotta go cuz im cookin a
cake!!dun wanna burn it!!!