Hugs n Kisses!
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2004-02-08 23:56:04 (UTC)


friday was kinda boringg.. but mark n matt came over n
watched hannible with me!!=D lol, and they lefT like 2 mins
before my dad got home!! i would have been dead if my dad
came home while they were there cuz he didnt even kno i had
people over!

k yesterday was like the longestt day ever! i had to
babysit these kids for like 12 hrs! =O lol, n then i got
home.. and mark matt david and brandon came over n picked
me up! and we went to wendys.. and then we went to an
airplave graveyard! lol it was so cool cuz you could like
go in the old airplanes! but then mark had to go home!!!
='( it sucked! but it was still fun tho! cuz matt taught me
how to drive stick shift!!!=D lol i probably should have
known how to drive a normal car first.. but ya! n then we
went driving around in matts drive in the mud! lol! it got
sooo muddy!! and then i went home n talked to mark on the
phone=)... but i kept like kinda half way falling asleep,

today was pretty fun tho! i had to get up early to go to
church! ughh.. but i talked on text messaging the whole
time at church! haha! n then i got home and had to clean my
room n then cindy picked me up! im soo happy she can
finally drive!!=D and then we went to mervyns to get her
check.. and then the bank to cash both our checks..
shoppingg money!!! lol, then we went to pick up mark.. and
he didnt even know where he lived loL! so that took a
little while! and then we got jeff too, and went to the
mall! i spent 100 dollars @ charlotte russee! so now i have
new pants! but i g2g cuz i think were going out to dinner!

3 DaNiElLe!


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