Nick's Journal
2004-02-08 23:55:13 (UTC)

I thought I had one in my hand but it blew away

the loss of my first balloon hurt me like a bitch. you
ever gotten a balloon as a little kid, from a bank or
something for not robbing it or some shit. well i
remember the first balloon i ever got blew out of my hand
and then mockingly enough hung for a while on a branch
just outside of my reach.
what a bitch.
well that's how life is you know? we have our fragile
balloons about to be whisked away by just one hedonistic
sin. usually we look where we're going, but sometimes we
enjoy the sky too much and slip and loose our grasp on our
most prized position.
too ashamed of the thing we've lost we forget about what
we were holding in our other hand.
i'm bad at analogy.