my life sux
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2004-02-08 23:26:07 (UTC)

Fran hates working for her room and board in the half_way house makes me so happy!

Hello Diary,
My hubbt Dennis talked to my sister Fran a few days ago.
It seems she hates working for her room&board and not having
any money.
But she's lucky to have a place to live now.
I'm just waiting for her to call me and beg to come back.
And there is no way in this world I'd ever let her back
after she treated me so bad ripping me off steling my meds.
I hope they pick her up soon for the warrant that is out for
I've been having some bad migraines lately.
Im not sure why and i do wish they would stop though.
There really effecting my life a lot.
Dennis has a job now and hopefully finds out tomorrow when
he starts back.