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2004-02-08 23:13:58 (UTC)

kurt cobain and abortion

i have been really pissed bout this. Why do most ppl honor
elvis and look down on kurt cobain. Kurt Cobain had made
better and more meaningful music than elvis made. When u
mention kurt u c ppl scrunch up their faces land look
pissed but if u mention elvis ppl say o he was great the
king. the king my ass. After all they died bascally the
same way. Elvis duged himself up and kurt took the gun 2
his head. so they both comitted suicide. Kurt cobain
helped a lot of teenagers wat did elvis do? So nxt time u
hear the name kurt cobain dont get pissed

Abortion is a terrible thing if u were jus havin sex for
fun but if u get it dont cuz u kno ur baby is gonna b
brain dead or u were raped it is not a bad thing. PPl take
it and use it the wrong way and that makes me mad. This 1
guy has these big signs up and everyday on my way 2 skool
i have 2 c these terrible signs. They show pics of aborted
babies and it is sick esspecially cuz i kno that young
children have 2 c these pics. Also he puts up signs up
that say "god hates abortion" or "abortion causes brest
cancer" which r both untru cuz god doesnt hate anything.

Well i had those things buggin me im glad i got that off
my chest
If u have a feedbak i would like 2 hear them