my so called life
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2004-02-08 22:52:26 (UTC)

Do nice girls finish last?

I am so totally sick of being the good girl. Not in the
meaning that I do what my parents expect me to do, but
that I'm always thinking about other people and their
feelings and problems. It would be ok if people thought
about me and my concerns once in a while as well, but
people just get so used to me being there for them that
they don't ever stop to think about the fact that I might
ever need them to be there for me.
Last week my class went on a skiingtrip to Sweden, just
like we did last year. We had a lot of fun, but we also
ended up arguing quite a bit. My flatmate Kristin and my
friend Kirsty are very different, and they usually have at
least one discord during the day. We are basically a group
of four, so it's not always easy for me and Linda to be in
the middle when they clash together. Kristin is a complex
person, she has had a lot to deal with growing up, with
her father being an alcoholic and all, and she's got a lot
of issues. I totally understand that, and I try to listen
whenever she needs it and give advice as best I can. But
never the less, I don't think having an alcoholic father
justifies all kinds of behaviour. Oh well, I'm just really
sick of being good and not getting anything back for it.

I wish I was a Christian, cause then I'd get my reward at
the end of times :P